Fleur East – Sax Suoneria

Scarica Fleur East – Sax Suonerie Testo

I met a boy last week tryna run that game
Made it sound so sweet when he say my name
I said boy, stop, run it back
You can talk that talk, but can you play that sax?
I met a boss last night buyin’ out the bar
Said I can ride top-down in his Jaguar
I’m like boy, stop, run that back
You can drive all night, but can you play that sax?

Baby, baby, I’ve been waitin’ for the one to blow my mind
(Woo, ow, okay, give it to me!)
Baby, maybe you can get it if you got that thang I like
(Hey, ah, woo!)

I need a straight up brother with a James Brown soul
The type of red hot love that got me freezin’ cold
Say you can go all night the way you lay that track (Yeah)
But if you wanna hear me sing, you better play that sax
Give it to me!

Scarica Suonerie Fleur East - Sax Gratis Per Android, iPhone

Suonerie Fleur East – Sax Scarica